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Tips for Hiring a Drain Cleaning Company


The easiest way to clean a drain is to call a local drain cleaning company. Not only do they do all of the dirty work, but they ensure that your drain is completely clean and will not clog up again within a short period of time.

How The Drain Got Clogged In The First Place


Even though it seems like hair, soap, shampoo, and other residue will just make its way down the drain, this is not always the case. Sometimes the hair, soap, shampoo, and other residue can coagulate together and create a mass that is large enough to slow down the flow of drain or clog it all together. In addition, every time you use the drain this mass will grow larger.

How To Prevent Drain Clogs From Happening

The best way to avoid hiring a drain cleaning company to unclog your drains is to avoid clogging them at all.

If you don’t need to wash your hair, then use a shower cap to prevent unwanted hair from going down the drain. In addition, brushing your hair before you go into the shower can help catch excess hair in a brush and prevent it from falling into the drain. You will be surprised at how much hair you will stop from going down the drain simply by doing these two things.

If you tend to wash your pets in your bathtub or shower, now is the time to stop. They add a large amount of excess hair that can quickly cause clogs in your drain.

Wash your drain out at least once a week to help flush down any stuck hair or residue in the drain. Simply pour some vinegar and boiling water down your drain to flush out any problems while they are small and prevent build up.

Home Remedies For Unclogging A Drain

Sometimes, when it is only a partial blockage, you can get away with not hiring a drain cleaning company to unclog or clean your drain. A full blockage will result in a standing drain, where no water is moving through the drain. A partial blockage will result in a slow moving draining.

Full Blockages

If you have a full blockage, try using the plunger to see if you can loosen up the blockage. A plunger can be used in any drain, including a shower and sink drain. Ensure that there is some water to fill up the plunger. The plunger needs water to create a force to unclog the drain. Without it, the likelihood of you removing the clog is very low.

Partial Blockages

If you have a partial blockage, then try the following methods. Instead of buying a drain cleaner, pour a two-liter pop into the drain. This works because pop, such as Pepsi and Coke, are loaded with phosphoric acid, which is extremely acidic and can help dissolve calcium and remove gunk. If that doesn’t work, try using baking soda and vinegar. Simply pour some baking soda into the drain and then pour vinegar over top of it. The mixture will start to bubble and work its way down your drain. After the mixture sits for a few hours, flush it out with boiling water.

In the end, sometimes you will have to hire a drain cleaning Cambridge company to help you unclog and clean your drains. But, sometimes there are things you can do to prevent clogs and get rid of them when they occur by using homemade remedies.


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