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Effective Tips on Hiring the Right Emergency Plumber

Life is uncertain and business owners as well as home owners have the possibility of experiencing a plumbing emergency at any time. Nobody knows when he or she will have to face clogged drains, low water flow, leaky water pipes or faucets. Since all these problems require immediate attention, it is imperative to check for a plumbing company in Cambridge that provides emergency services. So, how will go about this? Below are some tips and ideas that will help you in choosing the right emergency plumbing in Cambridge.

Search Online

Searching online is among the best ways of carrying out market research since it saves time and energy. You will find many plumbing service providers and then make a solid comparison among them. Look whether they provide an instant repair which is crucial in emergency plumbing situations.

Emergency Specialization

Go for seasoned companies that have specialized in emergency services for many years. If you were not referred by someone who you feel comfortable with, look for online reviews about the companies or ask the names of 3-5 people who the company has worked for in the past and listen to them. Find out the type of job they performed for the previous customer and inquire if they completed the job on time, if they were thorough and courteous, if they kept the project within the budget and if the work was completed or they left a mess behind.

Reliability and Response to Calls

Although many companies claim to offer a 24/7 plumbing service, some of them do not provide personal assistance when they are called for help. It is therefore important to opt for plumbing companies that provide direct response without connecting callers with unreliable answering machine to leave a message.

Check License, Insurance and Certification

License and insurance guarantees you a quality service. This is important since plumbing requires correctness while dealing with emergency requires advanced skills and knowledge. In addition, a licensed plumber should demonstrate credibility, valuable and proper experience to his state government before being given a plumbing license. A license alone is not sufficient; you should call your licensing board to confirm that everything is current. You should also check with your local Better Business Bureau and licensing board to find out if there any recent claims filed against him. Finally, he should have an insurance policy carrying both liability and workman’s compensation cover.


You should ask about the types of materials they use and the rates. Visit several companies to estimate the average amount of money that you should pay. Ask the plumbers the brand names of the products they normally use and check if they allow the homeowner to benefit from the protection provided by the manufacturer’s warranty. This will allow you to know if the plumbers use low quality products in order to save money. Finally, ask them what will happen if a problem occurs after the work is completed to avoid complications and misunderstandings.

The above factors are the most important to consider when looking for the best experts in emergency plumbing in Cambridge. Even if you have an emergency, you still have to ensure that you are hiring the right plumbers to do the job timely, correctly and at a fair price.


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